We are very happy to witness the ever increasing popularity of tweed as the natural choice for a wedding suit. Many of our clients wear a suit to work on a daily basis, and so they are looking for something special for their wedding day, something different. They don’t want to feel that they are on their way to the office. At the same time, they may not feel very comfortable or natural in a morning coat or frock coat – especially if it is hired. Thankfully there is a lot more freedom these days when it comes to wedding attire, and it is our belief that a groom should express himself with the suit he wears, and should wear whatever shows him at his best

At Tweed Addict we are very experienced in making tweed wedding suits and have made hundreds over the years. Our unique combination of traditional British tweeds, together with sharp, contemporary tailoring, makes us the ideal outfitter for the modern wedding. We know how important it is that you look and feel your best on the day, and we will guide you through the whole process from start to finish, resulting in your perfect and individual suit. We are also very happy to kit out your groomsmen – whether that’s a full 3 piece suit, a 2 piece, a jacket or a waistcoat. Discounts apply to any multiple order

We have a huge variety of tweeds to choose from, and we will help you choose the perfect cloth for the occasion – the right weight, texture, colour and pattern. We have an extensive range of light and medium weight tweeds, which lend themselves very well to wedding suits – especially those taking place in summer. We will also talk you through the various style options, and explain the effects that each of these will have on the final look.

After taking your measurements and ordering your chosen tweed, we will usually be ready for a fitting after five weeks. At this stage we can make any tweaks or adjustments that may be necessary for a perfect fit. After this, your suit will then go into it’s finishing stages, and will normally be ready in a a further 2 weeks. Allowing for a small buffer, we normally require a minimum of two months to make your suit, but ideally you should aim to place an order 3 months before your wedding date

The wonderful thing about choosing tweed for you wedding suit, is that not only will you look and feel fabulous on the day, you will also have a very versatile and durable suit that will last for many many years. Your wedding is therefore the perfect excuse to get a great bespoke tweed in your wardrobe!