Green and Blue Check Tweed Jacket in Worsted Alsport

Worsted Alsport is a 370gr worsted jacketing cloth, woven by Huddersfield Fine Worsteds. Here we have taken cloth number 520019 to cut a two button jacket, lined with a two-tone blue and green cupro jacquard with peacock feather design. The cloth has a a fine herringbone weave plus bold blue overcheck, and we’ve picked up the blue with some of the buttonhole detail, and added a royal blue undercollar melton

Worsted Alsport Tweed jacket 1.JPG
Worsted Alsport Tweed Jacket 2.JPG
Worsted Alsport Tweed Jacket 3.JPG
Worsted Alsport Tweed jacket 4.JPG
Worsted Alsport Tweed Jacket 5.JPG