Tweed Waistcoat

Tweed Waistcoat

“The waistcoat has survived because it adds gravitas to the single-breasted suit, because it offers one an opportunity to cut a dash and make a statement, because it holds the tie in place and keeps the shirt neat and tidy, because it lends an efficient appearance to working in shirt sleeves, because it is a neat place to store small change and pens, not to mention being the only place for a watch and chain…”

Our house waistcoat consists of a gracefully shaped garment with four welt pockets, a six button closure and notch lapels. It is backed in the viscose satin of your choice, together with a waist adjuster, and has a traditional striped lining

The following bespoke options are also available;

Pocket watch buttonhole

Jetted or flapped pockets

Tweed instead of satin back

No lapels

Two pockets instead of four

Double breasted style