Tweeds on the River


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  1. Duncan Wright says:

    Is your website actually working? Or in process? Or what? I can’t seem to find an ordering or pricing page. Please advise.

  2. admin says:

    Hello Duncan. We’re nearly there with the site – almost finished! Just waiting on a few more images, new cloth photos and the current price list. However the business is still running as normal and we are taking orders. You can contact us directly via email and we can go from there. Apologies for our appearance whilst under construction!

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Tweeds on the River

Posted: June 30, 2012 
Filed under: Photoshoots

We were delighted to provide tweed outfits for the chaps modelling impressive headgear from The Cabinet of Curious Creatures last weekend. A beautiful day on the river, with a mouse in a herringbone 3 piece, a stag in a Lovat Mill 3 piece, and a fine badger in plus twos. These tweedy fellows were entertaining a very foxy fox, and a radiant kingfisher…

Full set of photos at

All photos by Philip Volkers at

Curious Creatures by Charlotte Tiley at